Teeth Whitening At Zsambeky Chaney and Associates

Simple and Effective Teeth Whitening Trays

There are many different ways to whiten your teeth. Dr. Zsambeky recommends using simple whitening trays because of the quality of whitening and the low cost compared with other methods, as well as the convenience of being able to do it at home.

How Does Whitening With Trays Work?

Whitening with trays (sometimes called bleaching) is a type of professional whitening that uses custom-made trays and whitening gel only available through Zsambeky Chaney and Associates . We place a whitening gel in a custom-fitted tray that fits perfectly over your teeth. As the peroxide in the gel breaks down, hydroxy radicals help whiten your teeth by removing stains. Unlike whitening strips, this process whitens all your natural teeth and contains ingredients intended to provide maximum comfort. This at-home process generally takes ten to fourteen days, although you may notice results in as little as three to five days.

Come To Us For All Your Whitening Needs

If you live in Concord, , or , North Carolina or the surrounding areas and have questions about teeth whitening, please give us a call at (704) 782-2214 or send us an email. Here at Zsambeky Chaney and Associates , we want you to feel as confident as you can about your smile.